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Care Instructions for Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants are used for decorating our home and office interior. For the indoor plants, or we often call it House plants, we need to take some extra care for their growth. No extra effort or training is required for it and we can include this in our daily routines.

We can include the following points in mind while taking care of the Indoor/House plants:

  • Watering should be done time to time according to the climate conditions

  • The plants should be kept in the outside environment for at least 2 days a week but not in the direct/hard sunlight. This will help the plants to maintain their health naturally

  • Should take extra precaution while using fertilizers with respect to its quantity and quality. Organic fertilizers mixed with coco peat is a great choice

  • Water should not be in excess and there should be proper drainage or outlet for the excess water

  • Trays should always be used with the planters and it should be taken care that extra water should not be stored in the tray and it should be always dry

Product Reviews

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Key Features

  • Made from soft fabric
  • Charming prints and colors
  • Short elasticated sleeves
  • Zip closure give a nice fitting


  • Brand - Babyhug
  • Type - Frock
  • Sleeves - Short Sleeves
  • Neck - Round

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